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Enough Plumbers

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Enough Plumbers is a basic single screen platformer. Game is based on one of the most classic of all classic platformers, Super Mario Brothers. All the elements are there: the bright, simple 8-bit scenery; grumpy enemies lying in wait to ambush the hero; and the coins scattered everywhere. It's when the plumber encounters the coins, though, that everything changes. For every coin you collect you also get a cloned plumber who copies every move of the original. Just trying to jump ten hapless clones at once onto a small platform and you can see how things have changed.

Controls of the Game

Movement uses the left and right [ARROW] keys, and you can make him jump with the up [ARROW] key.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

The intrepid plumber can also encounter strange power things that make him able to break through rock, fly, resist fire, and even make him do the exact opposite of what you'd like him to do.

There are enemies patrolling the platforms, just waiting to do the poor plumber harm.

game review

Enough Plumbers is fantastic, nostalgic, pulse-pounding casual gameplay that is fun for those who remember the good old days and those who were born long after. Requiring logical thinking, forethought, planning, and lightning fast reflexes, Enough Plumbers is, just on its own, a fantastic platformer even without all the trappings of the days of yore. Be prepared to be sucked in and brace yourself for a rollicking good time, and check out this exceptionally well done little time waster.