Disaster relief

Anticipating Disasters before They Can Cost You

Many things can cause disasters. Natural disasters often come with surprise and are inevitable, while we can theoretically prevent disaster-causing human errors. Nevertheless, it is always the safest manner to assume that the worst can happen anytime.

Once you have the right attitude toward a disaster, you will be less likely to panic once the real thing happens. And you can be the person on whom others will rely.

Here we will discuss the best strategy to get prepared for any disasters that might befall to us.

Preparing emergency communication devices

Disaster Scene

We can escape the most life-threatening situation with either luck or other people’s help. And to rely on the first one is just not a good survival strategy. Once a disaster happens, communication is often the key to our survivability.

Prepare your emergency communication devices. And no, they are not just your regular cellphones. You need communication device that works even if the whole electrical grids have been shut down. For example, a radio will quickly get you the nearest Fire Watch Company to come to your aid, in case you get trapped in a forest fire. Your phones might not be working at all in that situation, because of its lavish battery use or signal outage.

Com deviceHaving a satellite phone is also a good idea. Carry it with you in a small container, wherever you go. You might never know how many lives you can save with your distress call.

Participating in prepper training

These days, people who love to optimize their survivability during a disaster, called as the doomsday preppers, have organized, gathered and shared information with each other. They simulate the worst that can happen and plan detailed protocols to overcome the possible threat.

If you are interested in those indie groups, try to find them on NYC prepper community, or Liberal prepper. But expect to see people who bring preparation to a new and different level. You will learn what foods are the best to stockpile during a major-scale disaster, and how to construct communication device out of junks.

But if you prefer to go with a more formal training service, then try to check FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)’s course. Red Cross also offers an opportunity for civilians to have professional preparedness training.

Relief teamIf you get formal training, then you can join to volunteer in a real disaster relief team. It will significantly improve your mental preparedness and train you to face the real threats.

Getting insurance for your precious belonging

Being prepared for disasters does not mean we must omit the opportunity to have expensive and luxurious stuff. Besides, property and cars belong to the category that intersects both extravagant and primary needs.


To secure them, we can join an insurance company and buy their policies. Some items might cost you a lot to be covered, such as rare paintings or legendary ancient weapons. But with having them covered, at least you will not feel entirely devastated by the loss.


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